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Building Companies & Growing Values with our Owners.


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We acquire sites and assets unconditionally where there is an opportunity to add value through asset management, planning or development gain.

Who are we?


We are a forward thinking private investment company who want to partner with growth-minded passionate entrepreneurs to create real value for them and the respective investors. We are a boutique family office with the capability to provide immediate equity and therefore the ability to move quickly.


We don’t just invest like many others but we take an active role utilising our specialist in-house expertise to add real value to your business helping you get to your goals much quicker, and because of this we do not look at minority stakes but will consider disproportionate rights so our owners and founders can still have their vision flourish.


We are well placed to assist with growth, rescue and turnaround situations with immediate capital and expertise ready to be deployed. We can also assist in raising external capital to assist owner occupiers and entrepreneurs.


We have extensive experience in numerous business sectors with a proven track record in creating success. We have expertise in accounting, law and marketing. We have a strong network of professionals, entrepreneurs and advisers over a variety of sectors.


We are experienced in raising long term reasonable finance from institutional lenders.


In summary we are a diverse team of professionals that supports innovative entrepreneurs and builds value across variety of industries. We generate success in every business that the firm backs. Our investment is not limited to capital but a proven track record and extensive experience.

What do we bring?


Our proven track record and established systems and processes are a formula for growth which we have successfully implemented numerous times across a wide range of business sectors.


We aren’t short sighted but invest for the long term, to create sustainable long term growth. We understand that value isn’t created a day, just like Rome wasn’t built in a day. We view our role as a permanent one twinning our mindset with that of the owners in which we invest. Due to this mindset we can invest with conviction and purpose, making decisions for the long term benefit our partners, employees and customers.


We adopt the values and cultures in place and help to improve where we can through our experience. We work within the parameters in place and implement our systems within the current framework to not cause disruption. We leverage the historical success whilst layering our modern systems to exploit market opportunities.


We have internal legally trained executives who navigate an array of situations and understand the intricacies of legal contracts and a strong understanding of the day to day  operations of a company.


We have in-house media capabilities from content creation, narrative storytelling to graphics and video to generate audience engagement and brand loyalty across all marketing platforms.

What do we look for?


It can be a worrying time when deciding to partner with an outside institution. We aren’t here to disrupt but enhance. We respect partners who put their families first, we don’t expect 24/7 dedication. We do however want to work with self-motivated, ambitious, driven entrepreneurs who want to thrive in a collaborative environment.

  • Strong assets

  • Recurring revenue model

  • Diverse customer base

  • Opportunities to add value

  • Budget minded structure


We will only invest where we believe we can add value and apply our expertise, vision and extensive contacts to achieve superior results.


We aren’t afraid of hard work or shy away from distressed situations. We invest in cash strapped businesses or those suffering from a distressed environment, helping the owners to restructure their positions and creditors to bring their business back to life. We help to bring in systems and processes to prevent a similar situation occurring in the future.


We will also invest in new ventures where there is no track record but can demonstrate a strong route to market and have a thorough understanding of the financial risk rewards of the investors chosen sector and business model.


Nicholson HQ


Great Portland Street



T: +44(0)204 541 9627 


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